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As a result of two recent devastating earthquakes in Mexico, Softtek will match all donations made on this portal.

This is the dedicated donate portal for Softtek, its associates, and partners. All donations will be used to help the victims of Mexico's earthquakes recover from the disaster, including restoring vital community infrastructure like schools and housing. Please help disaster victims at this time of crisis.
See complete coverage of the Mexico earthquakes and PADF's recovery effort.


Donate in US Dollars

The fundraising campaign has closed.

Thank you for your donation. Your contribution will go toward earthquake relief in Mexico. We partner with local grassroots organizations to ensure your gift goes where it is needed most. 

See complete coverage of PADF's Mexico earthquakes recovery effort.

A Proven History of Disaster Response

PADF strives to lessen the impact of disaster by improving disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response. We have over 50 years of experience responding to natural disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean, and we have responded to over 70 of the hemisphere's worst disasters since 1962. An affiliate of the Organization of American States, we work with authorities and organizations, both national and local, in the coordination of humanitarian relief efforts. Read more about PADF's disaster response.