Management & Staff


John Sanbrailo

Executive Director

Mr. Sanbrailo has been at the helm of PADF since 1999. He has over 40 years of experience managing international development programs and disaster assistance with funding from USAID, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, corporate, and other bilateral and multilateral sources.


Kristan Beck

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Beck is an experienced non-profit executive manager with 25 years of experience. At PADF, she oversees all aspects of financial management, auditing, contracting, procurement, human resources, IT services, office administration functions, and serves as Chief Compliance Officer.


Lance Leverenz

Sr. Director of Business Development

Mr. Leverenz leads PADF's Public Sector outreach to USAID, State Department, and other bilateral and multilateral donors. He has secured funding for many relief and development activities, including water and sanitation, emergency disaster response, human trafficking, and media freedom.


Luisa Villegas

Deputy Senior Programs Director, South America 

Ms. Villegas leads PADF's program implementation efforts in South America. As a seasoned development professional, she has extensive experience in designing, managing, and evaluating international development programs, including U.S. Government and private sector funded projects.