San Salvador, El Salvador





Transnational Challenge Fund for Education

A partnership between PADF and the Citi Foundation helped build on existing transnational initiatives, linking Salvadoran diaspora communities in the United States with their hometowns in El Salvador to support education, particularly post-secondary education.

The result of Citi’s grant was a regional conference that included Central American and Caribbean leaders from the public and private sectors, Home Town Association (HTA) leaders, and others to discuss: 1) the replicability of the transnational model in other countries; 2) to build ongoing partnerships and relationships; 3) and to produce a policy paper on engaging the private sector and diaspora groups in a country’s national development objectives.
Specifically, the Citi grant supported the conference’s two main components:

  1. A discussion track on post-secondary education with relevant institutions and the HTAs, and the applicability of transnational engagement to increase access for low-income students to post-secondary opportunities
  2. A small grant to FEPADE (Fundación Empresarial para el Desarrollo Educativo) in El Salvador or a similar organization to engage diaspora groups through a matching grant fund to increase access to post-secondary education

San Salvador, El Salvador