El Salvador




Tu Voz: Campaign Against Human Trafficking

Central America has become a point of origin and transit and a destination for human trafficking. Each year thousands of women, youth, children and migrants become victims of this unscrupulous business.

To highlight this problem and protect youth, PADF expanded its already successful Tu Voz Contra la Trata de Personas (Your Voice Against Human Trafficking) campaign from Mexico to Guatemala and other countries in the region to alert, educate, empower and support young people to achieve their goals and avoid putting their lives at risk.

Given that violence and organized crime are two of the major issues that affect youth, PADF collaborated with partners who have extensive youth expertise, including MTV Latin America, the Inter-American Development Bank and its youth network (called BID Juventud) and Cinépolis Foundation, the social arm of Latin America’s biggest cineplex chain. Other partners included the Government of Guatemala’s Human Rights Ombudsmen (PDH), the Colectivo Contra la Trata de Personas, an anti-human trafficking umbrella organization from Mexico, and local civil society groups.  

This campaign, which also supports MTV’s global EXIT initiative, was launched by PADF in Guatemala City with the participation of more than 1,000 at-risk local youth along with 25 youth leaders from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Youths participated in interactive sessions, a documentary screening, workshops onhuman trafficking and child labor issues, leadership, and social media and communication strategies. They also learned how to become agents of change in their own communities. 


  • More than 157,000 people reached through 157 awareness events organized by Guatemala’s Human Rights Ombudsman (Produrador de los Derechos Humanos, PHD)
  • Screening of MTV-produced anti-human trafficking documentary “Invisible Slaves” for 1,000 youths and 25 youth leaders from Central America
  • Campaign Goodwill Ambassadors promoted campaign in Guatemala
  • Community awareness raised by participating youth leaders in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador
  • Social media engagement and national media coverage
  • Strengthening the capacity of 10 local civil society organizations that work on human rights issues through trainings and workshops about human trafficking, child labor, communications and social media

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador