Turning At-Risk Youth into Community Leaders 

After receiving a grant from Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., PADF collaborated with ChildFund in the island of Dominica to design and deliver a four-stage project to engage at-risk youth in civic engagement, social awareness and personal development.

The “All We Need Is Love” project offers activities that encourage teens and young adults to become leaders and set goals, as well as to share these lessons with younger children. Youth programs like this are critical in preventing at-risk behavior, such as dropping out of school, becoming pregnant or joining a gang. 

The project’s four stages include:

  1. Personal development, focusing on identity formation, self-awareness and self-love
  2. Relationship development, with an emphasis on healthy relationships, respect and love for others
  3. Social awareness, civic engagement and the manifestations and benefits of love in communities and societies.
  4. Development of youth-led community-based initiatives resourced and implemented by youth in respective communities.

The program enrolled 30 young adults who have since become leaders within their communities