Pan American Development Foundation Welcomes Yvette LaGonterie and Gladys Coupet to Board of Trustees, Achieving 44% Women Representation

Washington, D.C. – The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is pleased to announce the addition of two accomplished leaders, Yvette LaGonterie and Gladys Coupet, to its Board of Trustees. Their appointments further strengthen the organization’s commitment to gender diversity, with women now constituting 44% of the Board.

Yvette LaGonterie brings a wealth of experience to PADF, having recently retired from a distinguished federal career with the U.S. government, focused on immigration, homeland security, and international affairs. With over two decades of service in these critical areas, and having served for two years as an Advisor to PADF, Ms. LaGonterie’s expertise has already contributed to our mission of fostering sustainable development and social progress across the Americas. Ms. LaGonterie is currently on the faculty at Baruch College’s Marxe School of Public and International Affairs.

In addition to her impressive professional background, Yvette LaGonterie has a passion for family history research, particularly concerning her African-American and Caribbean ancestry. Her dedication to preserving and sharing these cultural legacies aligns seamlessly with PADF’s commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural diversity of the Americas.

Gladys Coupet, a familiar face to PADF, returns to the organization’s Board of Trustees after seven years; she previously served in various capacities, including as Treasurer. A pioneering figure in the Haitian banking sector, Gladys Coupet made history as the first woman to hold leadership roles at Banque de l’Union Haitienne S.A. and Citigroup in Haiti. Mrs. Coupet currently serves as the Second Vice President on the Sogebank Board of Directors. With a distinguished career spanning from her beginnings at Citibank in 1974, she has earned accolades like the “CCO Award” for her exceptional contributions during challenging times in Haiti. Beyond her professional success, Mrs. Coupet’s commitment to driving positive change is evident in her role as the Coordinator of the Presidential Commission on Competitiveness, where she focused on Haiti’s economic growth. Her active involvement in prominent organizations and ethical leadership have garnered recognition from industry peers, local government, and civil society.

We are delighted to welcome Yvette LaGonterie and Gladys Coupet to the Pan American Development Foundation's Board of Trustees. Their diverse backgrounds, intelligence, and wisdom enrich our organization's ability to create positive change in the Americas. As PADF is a woman-led organization, with both a female Board President—Alexandra Aguirre, from Guatemala—and a female Executive Director, we are also proud to highlight that these two new Trustees bring us one step closer to achieving gender parity. Both of these women's wealth of experience and dedication to progress make them invaluable additions to the Board."

With the appointment of Yvette LaGonterie and the return of Gladys Coupet, PADF is poised to continue its vital work in the region with renewed energy and a strengthened commitment to its core values of equality, diversity, and sustainable development.

For more information about the Pan American Development Foundation and the members of the Board of Trustees, please visit:

Published on October 2, 2023.

Katie Taylor - Executive Director

Katie Taylor

Executive Director


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