We partner with and strengthen public and private sectors and civil society to achieve meaningful and sustainable progress for the most vulnerable people in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We enable local organizations and government institutions to build and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions, through funding, capacity building, technical assistance, collaboration with the academic community, and meaningful cooperation across the region. We facilitate connections and relationships between different sectors, earning the respect and trust of our partners and the communities we serve.

An important part of our legacy and footprint is the ability to create local capacity to continue to serve and support people, communities, and countries beyond the lifecycle of our programs and our direct involvement.

We invite you to work with us and for meaningful and sustainable progress in the Americas.

Our Technical Areas

PADF works with vulnerable populations across Latin America and the Caribbean to improve Human Development and Human Security. Our work is driven by impact and informed by the global sustainable development goals that provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

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