Transparency and Anticorruption

The fight against corruption requires the commitment of all sectors of society. Our transparency and anticorruption program supports civil society initiatives in coordination with the public and private sectors to effectively combat corruption. PADF organizes activities to increase citizen participation to combat corruption through community engagement, supports government institutions at all levels to implement anticorruption measures proposed by civil society, and strengthens civil society’s capacity to promote anticorruption and transparency efforts.

The project includes activities such as the establishment of civil society watchdogs to monitor corruption cases; communication campaigns, debates, forums, dialogues and events to raise public awareness about the negative impact of corruption; reviews of laws and policies that can incentivize corrupt practices; development of new digital tools to promote transparency; capacity building for public officials to prevent and fight corruption; and promotion of anticorruption public policies.


898 participants in public debates on anticorruption issues

302 public officials trained on anticorruption issues

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