Panama STEM


PADF, through the STEM Americas program and with funding from Boeing, has co-sponsored the creation of 12 educational centers for the implementation of STEM-STEAM Education and Robotics Clubs. Achievements include the participation of these educational centers in the development of projects aimed at reaching SDG #11 Sustainable Cities, the main theme of the Robotics Olympics, with an invitation to attend the 2019 STEAM Robotics Olympics.

The 2019 STEAM Robotics Olympics had the participation of 23 winning students from Panama’s delegation of educational robotics and programming, who represented the country in the finals of the World Robotics Olympics in Hungary and in the World Educational Robot Contest in Shanghai.

During the three days of the STEAM Robotics Olympics five private educational institutions won 1st place and four public educational institutions won 1st place. There was a 22 percent increase in attendance compared to 2018.

448 Students

119 Coaches

2458 Schools

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