PADF Strengthens Strategic Alliances in Guatemala to Boost Education and Health

Guatemala City, May 28, 2024 — Katie Taylor, Executive Director of the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), along with Josue Murillo, Country Director for Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, held key meetings today with prominent representatives of business foundations in Guatemala. These discussions focused on the integral development of the country through two strategic perspectives: education and health. 


Taylor and Murillo met with Salvador Paiz, President of the Sergio Paiz Andrade Foundation (FUNSEPA), and Lara Rojas, Coordinator of Fundraising and Alliances at the same foundation. The discussion highlighted FUNSEPA’s current interventions, emphasizing its commitment to technological education and strengthening educational infrastructure in Guatemala. Additionally, crucial initiatives led by Salvador Paiz were addressed, such as Crime Stoppers, a platform that encourages anonymous reporting of criminal activities, and Guatemala Visible, a project that promotes transparency and citizen participation in the political arena. These initiatives have shown significant results in reducing crime and promoting spaces for citizen participation and social auditing for Guatemalans. 


They also held a meeting with Carmen Lucia Salguero, Coordinator of the Health Area of the Foundation for the Development of Guatemala (FUNDESA), accompanied by Carolina Quinteros, Director of the Collective Labor Action Project of PADF. FUNDESA, which leads the Business Alliance for Health in Guatemala, focuses on key areas for the country’s development, including infrastructure, health, and more recently, education. This meeting highlighted the use of technology to provide the Guatemalan state with tools to improve the management and efficiency of the national hospital system. Additionally, initiatives were discussed to enhance specific areas of public management in the Ministry of Public Health of Guatemala and lobbying efforts to promote legislative changes in issues such as vaccines and transparency. 

Katie Taylor and Josue Murillo expressed their optimism about the opportunities for collaboration and synergy that these meetings open up. “Foundations play a crucial role in implementing sustainable projects with social impact. We are excited about the possibilities these alliances will bring for the development of Guatemala,” said Taylor. 

Josué Murillo

Country Director – Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador


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