Sisters from North to South

Sisters from North to South

Do you want women and gender-based violence survivors to access their rights and meet local organizations and groups?

Would you like to join a collective effort to eradicate gender violence in the region?

We invite you to build bridges between the social movements of Latin America and the Caribbean!

The mapping and communication campaign #JuntasDeNorteASur (#SistersFromNorthtoSouth) seeks to identify and make visible to public institutions, civil society organizations, women’s organizations, collectives and networks that prevent gender-based violence and provide services to survivors. It is a collaborative effort to generate information and make it accessible to those who need it in Latin America and the Caribbean!

All information shared with PADF will be verified and can be consulted on an interactive digital map with a friendly interface. This information will be available through a public database so that you, your organization, researchers and gender-based violence survivors in the region can consult and use this information.

This mapping led by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) in conjunction with MundoSur (regional) and Alternativas y Capacidades AC (Mexico) is part of a project to expand networks between southern organizations and share capacities between non-governmental organizations and governmental institutions that provide support services to survivors of gender-based violence.

The goal of the project is to bring together local government institutions, non-profit organizations — particularly women’s and grassroots organizations — and human rights defenders from selected cities and communities to collectively design, manage, and implement gender-based violence solutions. PADF also connects them to a support network of regional and local partners, which enables South-South cooperation and mutual learning. The project is carried out with funds from the United States Department of State.

Partner Organizations:

Miles Corporacion
Alternativas y Capacidaes

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