The Coca-Cola Foundation Supports Earthquake Relief Efforts in haiti

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On August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the south of Haiti, leaving over 2,200 people dead, many more injured, and causing widespread damage to homes and infrastructure. Those affected were in desperate need of food, clothes, bedding, and basic hygiene supplies like soap.

With the generous support of The Coca-Cola Foundation, the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) was able to provide humanitarian aid supplies to 100 families to support their immediate needs for shelter, food, health, and hygiene. The humanitarian aid kits reached families in Camp Perrin and Les Anglais, two communes that were greatly affected by the August earthquake.

In our region, which is Catiche, we had received nothing as help after the earthquake, not even a bag of water ... Today, the food kit that I received from [The] Coca-Cola [Foundation] and PADF will allow me to feed my children for many days.”

– Noel Solene, mother of three and resident of Catiche, Camp Perrin, recounting her experience after the earthquake

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The humanitarian aid kits contained supplies to meet the following needs:

Health and hygiene: Selected families received health and hygiene supplies, including water purification tablets, soap (for bathing, laundry), toilet paper, and personal and feminine hygiene products.

COVID-19 prevention: Masks, hand sanitizer, and handwashing soap were included in the hygiene kits to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Food and cooking supplies: The food kits included rice, beans, maize meal, canned goods, spaghetti, milk, and vegetable oil.

Shelter: Selected families received a voucher to purchase up to for US$130 in shelter supplies at partner hardware stores. These included items such as tarps, rope, nails, wire, wood, sheet metal, and solar-powered flashlights.

Supplemental cash: Selected families received a cash voucher for US$100 to support their livelihood activities and other needs.

I thank PADF and The Coca-Cola Foundation for choosing my store to assist 75 beneficiaries in Camp-Perrin, providing them with wooden materials, plywood, cement, and iron bars to build shelter for their families. This activity allowed me to renew my stock with the sale and that's a great move from The Coca-Cola Foundation and PADF for choosing local providers for such donation.”

– Myvil Toussaint, owner of Coin Ideal Plus in Camp-Perrin, which fulfilled orders placed with the shelter material vouchers

We are deeply grateful to The Coca-Cola Foundation for its generosity during this time of great need. With this timely support, vulnerable families can start their transition to recovery and focus on rebuilding their lives and livelihoods.”

– Sowmya Krishnamoorthy, PADF Director of Partnerships and Sustainable Finance

Sowmya Krishnamoorthy

Sowmya Krishnamoorthy

Director, Partnerships and Sustainable Finance


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