Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) Celebrates a Year of Impact in 2022 Annual Report


Washington, D.C., Sep. 20, 2023 – The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is proud to announce the release of its highly anticipated 2022 Annual Report. This comprehensive document showcases a year of remarkable achievements, innovation, and transformative impact in the Americas.

In 1962, U.S. President John F. Kennedy envisioned an “Alliance for Progress” that would unite countries across the hemisphere in addressing the basic needs of people throughout the Americas. Inspired by this vision, PADF was established. For six decades, PADF has remained dedicated to creating a “hemisphere of opportunity—for all.” The organization has played a vital role in addressing critical challenges across Latin America and the Caribbean, including facilitating access to education and livelihoods, lifting communities out of poverty, advancing human rights and justice, and empowering women and indigenous populations.

Key Findings from PADF's 2022 Annual Report

  • Direct Impact on Over 781,000 Lives: PADF directly improved the lives of more than 781,000 individuals throughout the hemisphere. An impressive 74% of our beneficiaries were women, emphasizing our commitment to gender equality and empowerment.
  • Indirect Support for 3 Million Individuals: In addition to direct impacts, PADF’s initiatives indirectly supported an additional 3 million individuals, fostering resilience and progress in communities across the region.
  • Broad Awareness and Outreach: PADF’s awareness-raising activities and campaigns reached tens of millions of people, amplifying the organization’s influence, and fostering positive change on an even larger scale.

The Annual Report is not just a compilation of statistics; it is a testament to the stories of real people whose lives have been transformed by PADF’s work. It features opening remarks by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts. Furthermore, a heartfelt letter from Assistant Secretary General Nestor Méndez expresses gratitude for the organization’s dedication and impact.

This report provides an inside look into the passionate individuals who drive each of PADF’s programs, showcasing their commitment to the organization’s mission. It also delves into the significant strides made in private sector outreach and blended finance, highlighting their role in advancing sustainable development.

PADF’s 2022 Annual Report is more than a reflection of past accomplishments; it is a blueprint for the future. It demonstrates how PADF, through the support of its partners and stakeholders, continues to drive positive change in the Americas.

Katie Taylor, Executive Director of PADF, and Alexandra Aguirre, Board President, jointly emphasize the transformative nature of PADF’s work in their letter. They underscore the importance of looking beyond numbers and statistics to appreciate the lives transformed, communities empowered, and dreams realized through PADF’s shared determination.

In their words:

As we embark on the next phase of our journey, let us remember that our impact extends far beyond the numbers and statistics that you will see laid out in this report. It is in the lives transformed, the communities empowered, and the dreams realized. With our shared determination, we can create a hemisphere that not only meets the basic needs of its people but also nurtures their aspirations, unlocks their potential, and builds a legacy of enduring progress."

As the report is unveiled, PADF invites stakeholders, partners, and the global community to join in celebrating these achievements and renewing their commitment to a brighter future for the region.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Nelson Bocaranda
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+1 (202) 916-0784

About the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF)

PADF believes in creating a hemisphere of opportunity, for all. We work across Latin America and the Caribbean to make our region stronger—more healthy, peaceful, just, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable for current and future generations. For 60 years, we have served the most vulnerable communities, investing resources throughout the hemisphere. We partner with and enable civil society, governments, and the private sector for the greater good of the region. To learn more, visit

Katie Taylor - Executive Director

Katie Taylor

Executive Director


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