Our Work in Argentina

PADF has years of experience partnering with local organizations and the private sector in Argentina to improve education, strengthen civil society and communities, and direct in-kind donations to local institutions.


Merck for Mothers Global Giving Program (2015)
PADF is bringing together stakeholders to collaboratively develop an electronic policy handbook that can serve as a foundation to inform national and regional strategies and policies to reduce maternal mortality.


Open Book Project (2013)
EMC and PADF partnered to support the Open Book Project implemented between 2010 and 2012 in two schools by Fundación Leer, an organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Strengthening Literacy (2013)
With funding from Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., PADF has helped support a children’s center that served 150 children. The grant increased the number of books in the center’s library, which has expanded the types of reading activities available to the children, many of whom are socially at-risk. 


Strengthening Civil Society
PADF works in partnership with civil society organizations in Latin America to promote democratic values and human rights recognized within the Inter-American system, such as Freedom of Expression and Religious Freedom. In Argentina, PADF offers technical assistance and support to organizations that promote knowledge and awareness of these rights and provides concrete policy recommendations to local and regional authorities. PADF also promotes the exchange of best practices and lessons learned between Argentinean organizations and similar groups in the region.