Pan American Development Foundation Welcomes María Contreras-Sweet to Board of Trustees, Achieving Gender Parity

Washington, D.C. – The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is proud to announce the appointment of María Contreras-Sweet to its Board of Trustees. This significant addition not only brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Foundation but also marks a momentous achievement in the organization’s history – the attainment of gender parity on its board.

María Contreras-Sweet, originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, has an illustrious career spanning various leadership roles in both the United States and internationally. Her experience in the private and public sectors, including her tenure as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration and as the California Secretary of Business, Transportation, and Housing, equips her with a unique perspective and deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in fostering development across the Americas.

The Foundation celebrates this milestone, recognizing the importance of diverse leadership in driving its mission forward. María’s appointment is not just a testament to her exceptional capabilities but also reflects PADF’s commitment to promoting inclusivity at the highest levels of its governance.

We are honored to welcome María Contreras-Sweet to our Board of Trustees. Her remarkable journey from Guadalajara to influential roles in the US and beyond is a source of inspiration. María's insights and expertise will be invaluable as we continue to work towards creating a hemisphere of opportunity for all."

María’s addition to the board is a step forward in ensuring that PADF’s leadership reflects the diversity and dynamism of the communities it serves. Her experience and guidance will be instrumental in shaping the Foundation’s strategies and initiatives, as it seeks to empower people and communities across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Published on November 21, 2023.

Katie Taylor - Executive Director

Katie Taylor

Executive Director


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