Eastern Caribbean Business Resilience Challenge

The Eastern Caribbean Business Resilience Challenge opened applications on July 27th in Saint Lucia and are accepting applications on a rolling basis until September 23rd, 2022.

To increase disaster resilience in the Eastern Caribbean, the Challenge seeks to support ventures, public-private-civil partnerships, or other collaborations or organizations with revenue-generating models to make investments in their businesses and communities in order to scale their economic growth, sustainability, and resilience. The Challenge aims to ultimately increase disaster resilience in local businesses and communities.

The offer:

  • Up to $100,000 in flexible funding options, on terms catered to your capital needs.
  • Assistance in creating bankable business proposals.
  • Workshops and seminars that will give you practical business advice and useful connections with knowledgeable consultants and potential business partners in your industry or community.

Watch this short video from the CCIR Blended Finance team to learn how to apply for the Challenge:

Access the application form

Download the application PDF

This Challenge and the below trainings are part of USAID’s Caribbean Corporate Investment for Resilience (CCIR) Initiative. The CCIR Blended Finance Mechanism is being managed on behalf of the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance by PM Consulting Group, CollaborateUp, the Pan American Development Foundation, and Total Impact Capital.

The broader CCIR Coalition, born out of a period of significant stakeholder engagement led by The Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI), is a collaboration platform, designed by and for governments, businesses, and communities across the Caribbean to identify, develop, and scale innovative, sustainable solutions to systemic challenges around disaster and climate resilience.

Upcoming Webinars/Trainings

All About Business Plans with EFour Enterprises

Wednesday, September 7th, 6-7 p.m. AST

About the Webinar

“All About Business Plans” will provide a high level, comprehensive overview of the many aspects of a business plan and how to write one. We’ll cover:

  • What is a business plan?
  • Why do you need one?
  • What makes for an investible business plan
  • The components of a business plan
  • Writing tips and other suggestions

Participants will also see a live demonstration of two unique online tools that simplify the task of writing business plans. EPlan walks entrepreneurs through the steps to develop their business plans in a simple, intuitive Q&A format. EFinancials is our proprietary cloud-based software that allows entrepreneurs to input their monthly data and with one click, generate a cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet to complete their plans. Questions will be answered as time allows.

About the Trainer

Donna Rosa is the Founder and Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at EFour Enterprises LLC. Her professional background combines a long career in corporate business with hands-on experience in international development. She has worked with small businesses in the Caribbean, Africa, Central America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

Digital Marketing with Nesa Constantine Beaubrun

Monday, September 12th, 5:30-6:30 p.m. AST

About the Webinar

Interested in learning to tell creative stories over various digital mediums to nurture your online community, drive traffic to your website and generate quality leads?

Digital marketing, when done accurately is a cost effective method to increase sales and reach your target audience. Come and explore some of the tools and techniques that are changing the way businesses interact with their customers in a virtual marketplace.

About the Trainer

Nesa Constantine Beaubrun is a marketing professional with over 15 years professional experience. Her truest passion however, is Entrepreneurship which she discovered eight years ago when she leapt into launching her umbrella company Constantine Holdings Inc. (C.H.I.). Under (C.H.I.) she has launched projects such as CHI Shuttles a tour company, and now C.H.I. Relocation Concierge; both rooted in her love for hospitality and travel.

Mrs. Beaubrun also shares a profound appreciation for project management and has had the fortunate experience of working with renowned international development companies such as United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and World University Service Canada (WUSC). It is through her work as Operations Manager with Creative Associates International under a USAID project that she developed the idea for a relocations company to help professionals who were moving to the island of Saint Lucia for work.

C.H. I Relocation Concierge is well positioned and poised to assist hundreds of relocating customers as Mrs. Beaubrun’s network of professionals and colleagues is vast, due to her extensive work experience in several fields including luxury retail, education, travel and tourism, mass media and project management As this is the first agency of its type in the Eastern Caribbean Mrs. Beaubrun’s hope is to expand into other islands, sharing the blue print for success and, providing a seamless relocation process for customers all over the world.

Accessing New Markets / Becoming Export-Ready with Hyde Constantine-Felix

Thursday, September 22nd, 5-6 p.m. AST

About the Webinar

Is your business is growing and ready to explore opportunities outside your local market? Maybe you have already secured the attention of foreign buyers or are experiencing increasing requests for information from abroad. As you consider launching into the world of exporting, ensuring that you are able to meet market requirements is essential. Join this training to understand how to successfully tap into foreign markets. Our expert will help you answer the questions – Am I ready to export? or, Am I able to access my markets of interest?

About the Trainer

Hyde Constantine-Felix is a Saint Lucian born International Business Professional with a recognized skill for service excellence and a passion for helping small businesses, in particular creative businesses.

As a fluent Spanish speaker and Certified Project Manager, Mrs. Felix has spent over 10 years of her professional career assisting Saint Lucian companies to access markets in Latin America. Her experience and formal training in International Trade and Business led her to would delve deep into International Trade by becoming part of the team at Export Saint Lucia where she was responsible for securing markets in Latin America, Canada and the Northern Caribbean while also working with Creative Industry businesses to become export ready.

This experience would allow Mrs. Felix to develop a passion for the creative sector and led her to pursue certificate courses in the Creative Economy as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the goal of better serving this important sector. She was responsible for many collaborative efforts for the sector both locally and regionally including initiating and coordinating a Carnival project across the three (3) islands of Saint Lucia, Grenada and Dominica for the improved marketing and monetization of the islands’ carnival products. Her success in garnering important relationships and achievements in the creative sector would cause her to be appointed as the Coordinator of the National Export Strategy which required her to initiate and oversee programmes for the development and promotion of all Saint Lucia’s priority export sectors.

Her stint at Export Saint Lucia peaked her passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs and consequently she has co-founded SOS Creativo Inc., where she offers advisory services to help businesses from across the region to organise and grow toward export. She is also the Co-Chair of the Interim Board of the Caribbean Women in International Trade and the co-founder of Novay Inc., a start-up of four (4) ladies from the Caribbean region which brings to life innovative solutions to climate change issues. Mrs. Felix however considers her co-founding of CHI Retreats with her two sisters, one of her greatest achievements as together they bring Christ’s healing to persons of various walks of life.

Crafting an Investment Pitch with Tricia Leo / Financial Training Part 1 with Annie Bertrand

Tuesday, September 27th, 5-7:30 p.m. AST

About the Webinar

Have you been searching for an engaging session of real-life, practical approaches to successful pitching? During this workshop, our expert will share experiences of some of the “serial pitchers” with whom she’s been affiliated and their winning tips. “Think like an Investor”, “Don’t be a deer in headlights”, The principles of the perfect pitch, “That Pesky UVP”, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” and “How to Ask for the Money” are some of the exciting topics up for discussion.

About the Trainers

Tricia Leo is an accomplished Project Manager with more than 10 years of expertise in organizing business operations, projects, financial oversight, and resource management. Her experience spans private sector, quasi-government organizations and NGOs business support services to startups, small to medium-size businesses and fledging not-for-profit associations/organizations. Her most recent stint as Project Manager with the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) where she managed a 3-year, multi-country, USD 3.7 million project further strengthen her stakeholder management skills, broaden her network and enhanced her proposal writing, negotiations and communication skills.

In 2017 her focus shifted to startups and small to medium size businesses, when through her affiliation with the Saint Lucia Coalition of Service Industries, she worked with several green-tech entrepreneurs through the Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Program (CTEP) which saw three participants from Saint Lucia winning in their categories after participating in a series of incubation and acceleration activities. This gave them access to the Brandson Center of Entrepreneurship and qualified them to participate in the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) Incubator. Through her coaching and negotiation skills one team successfully pitched their business ideas to receive two grants.

Tricia’s most recent accomplishment is successfully coaching from ideation to pitching and negotiations, a tech startup in the acquisition of a multimillion-dollar deal. Tricia continues to follow her passions through her affiliation with the Alliance for Green Innovation and Technology (AGIT) a fledgling NGO in Saint Lucia of which is the founding member, where she spearheaded a partnership with the Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre (CCIC) and by extension Climate-KIC (a European based organization) which has brought the world’s largest green business competition, Climate Launchpad (CLP), to the Caribbean region for the fourth consecutive year. AGIT has been contracted to facilitate their “Enhancing the Capacity of Cleantech Entrepreneurs in Building Resilience to Climate Change Project” in Saint Lucia. Tricia is currently coaching 4 teams in preparation for the nation and regional pitching competitions slated for September 2022.

Annie Betrand is an international development professional with a Harvard MBA and 20 years of management consulting, entrepreneurial, advisory, and volunteering roles in over 70 countries. In 2017, she joined Compete Caribbean as the Coordinator of the first pillar focused on productivity and innovation. She then completed a few assignments in the region with the UNDP and Caribbean Export. She is passionate about building the capacity of public and private sector organisations to stimulate inclusive and sustainable development. Originally from Montreal, Canada, she has been living in Barbados for 15 years.

Financial Training Part 2

Thursday, September 29th, 6-7:30 p.m. AST

About the Trainer

Annie Betrand is an international development professional with a Harvard MBA and 20 years of management consulting, entrepreneurial, advisory, and volunteering roles in over 70 countries. In 2017, she joined Compete Caribbean as the Coordinator of the first pillar focused on productivity and innovation. She then completed a few assignments in the region with the UNDP and Caribbean Export. She is passionate about building the capacity of public and private sector organisations to stimulate inclusive and sustainable development. Originally from Montreal, Canada, she has been living in Barbados for 15 years.

Past Webinars/Trainings

Launch of Eastern Caribbean Business Resilience Challenge in Saint Lucia

Through this webinar, the Caribbean Corporate Investment for Resilience (CCIR) Blended Finance Mechanism introduced the Eastern Caribbean Business Resilience Challenge.

The webinar included:

  • Opening marks from USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) representative Nacasi Green
  • An interactive discussion about resilience investments
  • An introduction to the CCIR coalition
  • A presentation by Gerard Bergasse from Tropical Shipping on the supply chain resilience and the Business Case for investments in resilience
  • An introduction to the CCIR Eastern Caribbean Business Resilience challenge and how to apply
  • Q&A

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