Our Work in Chile 

PADF has years of experience partnering with local organizations and the private sector in Chile to improve education, respond to natural disasters, and deliver in-kind contributions from the United States. Currently, PADF works on initiatives supporting entrepreneurship as a sustainable development strategy. 

Promoting Entrepreneurship 

Since 2012, funding from Boeing has supported women’s microenterprises and has fostered entrepreneurship in Valparaíso, Chile. This assistance has always been important in a region where about 40% of the households are headed by women and 30% of new established businesses result from the need to sustain a family. The need became even more acute in 2014 when the region was devastated by wildfires that destroyed at least 2,500 homes and left 11,000 people homeless. The fires also affected approximately 1,600 entrepreneurs and their businesses, of which 70% are women. Thanks to funding from Boeing, over 120 women have received targeted trainings on entrepreneurship and business management from PADF’s local partner, Acción Emprendedora, including eight women who were direct victims of the fires. 

Responding to Natural Disasters 

After the 2010 earthquake in Chile, PADF coordinated several donations to affected areas, fundraising more than $750,000 in cash. In-kind contributions were also made including the shipment of two containers of medical equipment to Chile with assistance from the U.S. Southern Command. Some of the equipment was delivered to the renowned Chilean children rehabilitation institution for burned children, COANIQUEM, which was damaged in the quake. PADF, in coordination with the American Chamber of Commerce in Chile, also helped the regional association Mar de Esperanza to buy new fiberglass boats, outboard motors, gear and other equipment for fishermen who lost their ability to generate income due to the tsunami. Despite high construction standards in Chile, thousands lost their homes, so PADF also sent funds to the Chilean organization Techo which builds transitional housing. This response was undertaken with the support of private companies including Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., MoneyGram, Lockheed Martin, Praxair and others.