How to move from a linear economy to a circular economy?

This animation, produced in English and Spanish, seeks to educate our supporters about the importance of moving from a linear economy to a circular economy.

In a typical linear economy, we extract, manufacture, consume, and discard. This cycle puts future generations at risk by depleting natural resources and generating waste. In addition, the linear economy does not prioritize renewable energies in its production cycle.

The solution to this approach is a circular economy, following three principles: (1) eliminating waste and pollution from the design phase; (2) keeping products and materials in use, extending their lifespan; and (3) regenerating natural systems.

PADF is partnering with Fundación Circular to promote this new production chain, analyzing the details from the design phase and thinking about how to use one product at the end of its life as raw material for another.


Joaquín Vallejo

Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights Deputy Director
Anti-Corruption Lead


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