Climate Accountability

Climate Accountability

On December 1, 2021, the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) joined Climate Accountability in Development (CAD), a group of international development organizations committed to charting a new path forward for climate accountability in the development sector.

As members of CAD, PADF measures our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions each year starting off with a baseline of our emissions from fiscal year 2019. PADF will reduce its GHG emissions 30% by 2030, based on the 2019 baseline. See our downloadable emissions information from the last three fiscal years below.

PADF’s forthcoming Climate Action Plan, which is scheduled for adoption at the beginning of 2023, will outline our seven-year roadmap for emissions reductions, improving data collection, and ensuring internal accountability.

For information about CAD, you can visit their website at For questions about PADF’s sustainability initiatives, you can email us at

PADF's Green Team

PADF launched a Green Team, a working group of colleagues representing seven of our offices across Latin America and the Caribbean, multiple departments, and various levels of seniority within PADF. The Green Team holds regular meetings to research and draft the PADF Climate Action Plan.

Related Experts

Alfonso Garcia Calderon

Alfonso Garcia Calderon

Director of Territorial Development and Governance

Environment and Disaster Resilience Director



Joaquín Vallejo

Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights Deputy Director
Anti-Corruption Lead



Analyzing Our 2019-2021 Emissions Data

PADF’s Climate Change and Environment Program Associate analyzes our first three years of emissions data.

Día de la Tierra

Climate Accountability Blog
Aquí te presentamos actividades que realizan nuestros compañeros de PADF en la región que ayudan a reducir su huella de carbono.

Keeping Your Nonprofit on Track for Sustainability

This blog post outlines tips, drawn from the Pan American Development Foundation’s experience, for nonprofit organizations who are just starting to complete their sustainability commitments.


PADF’s Emissions (PDF)

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