Becas Vamos Sumando: Nurturing the Minds of Tomorrow

At the heart of the “Becas Vamos Sumando” program lies a bold vision: to widen the horizons of Colombian State institutions like the National Police and the Colombian Navy through ethnic and cultural inclusivity. By offering comprehensive scholarships, the program empowers Afro-Colombian, indigenous, and mestizo individuals from rural areas to excel as patrolmen, officers, non-commissioned officers, and marines. Since its inception in 2021, PADF has been a pivotal ally for vulnerable communities and Colombian institutions, enriching over 4,600 young lives within these national forces.

The program’s first year shed light on an essential truth; it is of the utmost importance to create safe spaces for dialogue and bolster the soft skills of scholarship recipients so they can better engage with the community, care for their personal and familial well-being, and excel under the high pressure of a security sector career. This insight led to the 2022 launch of a psychosocial support strategy within “Becas Vamos Sumando.” Tailored to nurture the scholars’ psychological, personal, academic, and vocational growth, this initiative incorporates the “Te escucho” hotline, a beacon of active listening and support for the scholars and their families. “Te escucho” stands out as a sanctuary of active listening, designed to offer non-therapeutic guidance tailored to the unique needs of its users. Whether navigating family dilemmas, academic challenges, or seeking motivational support, the hotline addresses these concerns and more. Accessible at the to students, their families, or institutional staff, the hotline exemplifies the PADF’s commitment to holistic well-being and mental health.

Beyond counseling, PADF champions the development of soft skills—like assertive communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork—through the facilitation of engaging recreational activities and educational workshops. These efforts arm scholarship recipients with the tools they need for personal, professional, and academic success.

Reflecting on the first two years of “Becas Vamos Sumando”, PADF’s strategy has already reached significant milestones: 32 recreational events, 32 individual “te escucho” sessions, and 804 post-session evaluation contacts, all laying the groundwork for future endeavors. The program is now focused on enhancing soft skills training through innovative virtual scenarios, preparing these young professionals not just for their roles in the security sector, but for life.

Becas Vamos Sumando” is more than a scholarship program; it’s a commitment to cultivating well-rounded, conscientious professionals ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow with determination and integrity.

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