Fortalecimiento del sector Justicia

Justice Sector Strengthening

A transparent justice sector, independent from other powers, is fundamental in a democratic state.

We aim to promote the transparency and independence of the judicial system in Ecuador, as well as to develop capacity within the justice sector to fight international crime and narcotrafficking.  PADF coordinates efforts to encourage citizen participation to promote the independence of the judicial system, promote measures that guarantee an independent justice sector, and strengthen civil society’s capacity to fight crime and narcotrafficking with the development and implementation of specialized technical training tools.

 The project activities include awareness campaigns about the importance of an independent judicial system, monitoring public tenders, participatory development of a roadmap to increase judicial independence in Ecuador, training of civil society and public officials, and the promotion of public policies that guarantee the independence of the judiciary following international standards.

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358 participants in public debates on judicial Independence and transparency

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166 judges trained on international standards of judicial Independence and human rights

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80 public officials trained on the development and implementation of specialized technical training tools

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