PADF Organizes Events in Ecuador to Commemorate 60th Anniversary

Earlier this year, the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) held a series of events in Ecuador to mark our 60th anniversary creating a hemisphere of opportunity, for all. PADF promotes human rights, political participation, independent justice, and anti-corruption in Ecuador and throughout the greater region. Partnership has been a core part of this work, and these recent events reflect the diversity of our local partnerships, which span civil society, government, and the private sector.

In honor of PADF’s work to advance transparency and fight corruption, the government of Quito and the Quito Honesto commission hosted a ceremony on April 25, where Executive Director Katie Taylor accepted an award on behalf of the PADF team. Quito Honesto and PADF also signed an agreement to partner on work to combat corruption in municipal management.

There has always been and there will always be corruption. In the face of this sad reality, the only valid response is to demonstrate, with facts and work, that there have always been and there will always be decent people who fight against corruption.”

PADF later hosted a dinner with Ecuadorian and international business leaders to discuss multi-stakeholder work, transparency, and compliance. PADF presented the attendees with a practical guide for anti-corruption programs.

On April 27, PADF and the U.S. Embassy co-hosted an event celebrating our 60th anniversary. Attendees included the President of the National Assembly, the State Attorney, the Minister of Transport and Public Works, the Minister of Telecommunications, the Vice Minister of the Interior, and representatives of civil society organizations, embassies, and international cooperation agencies.

I have witnessed PADF’s efforts to build strong democracies throughout the region.”

At the end of Katie Taylor’s trip, on April 29, she visited the indigenous Ugshapungo community in the province of Imbabura. There, PADF partners with local organization Allipak, which teaches community members about human rights, gender, indigenous justice, and other issues. PADF representatives learned about the community’s customs and ceremonies, and the two organizations reflected on their community development work and the important role played by indigenous women.

Thanks to the support of the partners who participated in these events, PADF has been able to make Ecuador and our region stronger over the last 60 years. We look forward to seeing how much more we can accomplish together.

Published on December 5, 2022.

Marcela Bueno

Marcela Bueno
Country Director for Ecuador


Katie Taylor - Executive Director

Katie Taylor
Executive Director


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