STEM Bahamas


PADF implemented an innovative pilot program to showcase and build STEM education success in the Bahamas. The program had a STEM for Oceans initiative with the explicit goal of inspiring students to develop interest in becoming future engineers and scientists. The program allowed the students to apply their math and science skills learned in the classroom as they engaged in hands-on activities that allowed them to build Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles (ROVs).

The program aided the student’s ability to create stimulating classroom environments as well as design and deliver effective lesson plans to achieve desired learning outcomes. In addition, PADF provided the teachers with didactic materials, including lesson plans and robotic kits to encourage hands-on/minds-on activities both at the RN Gomez School in Great Harbour Cay and at a STEM Summer Camp in Nassau.


15 Teachers trained in STEM methodologies

103 students reached (49 girls)

10 underwater drones built

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