Photo of Maya Alarcon Alba

Mayra Alarcón Alba

Mayra Alarcón Alba is a skilled manager and program director, specialized in the rights of women, children, indigenous populations, migrants, and refugees in Guatemala and the broader Mesoamerican region. Alarcón has more than two decades of experience working on these issues in Guatemala and more than a decade managing teams and offices that implement development projects. She has a proven track record creating planning processes, monitoring and evaluating development projects, and helping various organizations build initiatives, strategies, and frameworks that guarantee and protect the rights of vulnerable populations.

Alarcón was project director of PADF’s trafficking in persons (TIP) program in Guatemala and is an active contributor to PADF’s TIP and migration portfolio throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, through communities of practice that promote the exchange of ideas in the region. She is well versed in PADF’s volunteer community facilitator model and was a pioneer in its implementation in Guatemala, following its successful execution in Bolivia. She also has technical experience managing peacebuilding, social equality, displacement, and forced migration programs. She has broad expertise working with diverse stakeholders in Mexico and Central America in support of human rights on the migration route of Mesoamerica.

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