#ConTratoDigno uniting voices and actions in defense of the rights of domestic workers in Mexico

Domestic workers are the backbone of millions of households worldwide; in Mexico alone, they represent 2.4 million individuals who dedicate their time and effort to this caregiving and service work that sustains the daily lives of millions of people. 

Thanks to the ratification of international agreements, such as ILO Conventions 189 and 190, as well as changes to the Federal Labor Law and Social Security Law, domestic workers in Mexico enjoy rights protected by the law. Since November 2022, social security is a mandatory benefit for domestic workers in our country

The #ConTratoDigno campaign represents a deep commitment to justice, equity, dignity, and the promotion of the fundamental rights of domestic workers. It is a call to action for employers in Mexico to comply with the law. At the same time, it is a reminder of society’s responsibility to ensure that all people, regardless of their occupation, have the opportunity to live and work with dignity.

We have an urgent need to improve and guarantee working conditions, respect working hours and breaks, provide all legal benefits, and, above all, treat our domestic workers in Mexico with dignity."

– Valeria Uribe, PADF Mexico Director

In addition to the actress Marina de Tavira, this initiative joins the voices, active presence, and notable actions of eight goodwill ambassadors in the country, including the activist and domestic worker Marcelina Bautista, who currently leads the Centro Nacional para la Capacitación, Profesionalización y Liderazgo de las Empleadas del Hogar (CACEH-NACIONAL). Others include Fabiola Josefina García Magaña, Director of the Instituto de la Mujer de Mérida; María Mandiola Totoricaguena, Secretary of Gender Equality in Chiapas; Nashieli Ramírez Hernández, President of the Comisión de Derechos Humanos of Mexico City; Gracia Goya, Vice President of Hispanics in Philanthropy for Latin America, and representatives of the labor authorities of the country, such as Omar Nacif Esteban Fuentes, General Director of Social Welfare of STPS; Néstor Eduardo Garza Álvarez, Secretary of Labor of the State of San Luis Potosí; and Liliana San Martín Castillo, Secretary of Labor of the State of Querétaro, who play a fundamental role in the #ConTratoDigno campaign.

These goodwill ambassadors have joined the initiative to promote the rights of domestic workers and encourage more people to offer contracts that improve working conditions, including fair wages and social security benefits. It is important to raise awareness about the new labor obligations among family, friends, and acquaintances to ensure the rights of all people are respected and valued.

#ConTratoDigno is part of the actions, objectives, and goals of the project “Promoting the Rights of Domestic Workers in Mexico and Guatemala” led by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). This initiative has a dedicated website, which provides information and useful resources for both employers and domestic workers. Furthermore, a WhatsApp number, 55 3193 7295, has been made available to provide psychological counseling, answer questions, and provide additional information on the topic.

By uniting efforts and recognizing the importance of domestic work as a fundamental pillar of the caregiving and development system in the country, and ensuring that those who perform it are treated with respect and dignity, Mexico demonstrates its commitment to #ConTratoDigno for domestic workers. This collective effort shows that all of us can be part of this necessary change.


Evaluación del “Programa Especial de Protección para Trabajadoras de Casa Particular (PRECAPI)”

Valeria Uribe

Valeria Uribe

Director, Mexico

Correo: connect@padf.org

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