Nature-based solutions

Latin America and the Caribbean's Green Opportunity

PADF co-produced an animation, in English and Spanish, with the World Resources Institute to explain that nature-based solutions refer to the strategic restoration, protection, or management of ecosystems to intentionally achieve development outcomes. This “green” infrastructure can be more cost-effective than using only traditional or “gray” infrastructure.

For example, planting certain species, like vetiver grass – a non-invasive species with a deep root system – in degraded slopes can prevent landslides, flooding, and sedimentation. This protects people and their homes, infrastructure, and agricultural land, while providing other benefits such as carbon sequestration and even raw material for products such as crafts made from vetiver grass.

Nature-based solutions can help bring the vast ecosystems of Latin America and the Caribbean to the forefront of the fight against climate change and other environmental challenges, benefit local communities, and promote a hemisphere of opportunity for all.


Joaquín Vallejo

Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights Deputy Director
Anti-Corruption Lead


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