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We believe that the private sector plays a vital role in leading development efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean. We support businesses in creating jobs and promoting dignified livelihoods in our region. We pride ourselves on creating lasting connections between the private sector and local communities.

Our partnerships with the private sector and other development allies help us leverage investments and resources more effectively to help people thrive and reach development goals. PADF has a wide network of country offices and local organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, which enable us to implement immediately and respond to the most pressing challenges of the region.  

Watch a recent example of our work improving lives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our Collective Impact


COVID-19 Response

Latin America and the Caribbean is now the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequences are devastating for the livelihoods of millions. Venezuelan migrants and women are facing increased challenges to meet their health needs and access food. PADF is mobilizing immediate support by providing direct assistance to migrants and local communities in Colombia and Ecuador. PADF’s response to COVID-19 is also strong in Haiti, one of the lowest income countries in the region.    

More than 635,000 people reached with hygiene and infection prevention education campaigns, psychosocial support and primary healthcare.      

Partners Migrants

Venezuelan Migration

More than six million Venezuelans have fled their country. Many have ended up in Colombia, but the massive exodus has spread Venezuelan migrants throughout South America and the Caribbean. PADF provides emergency assistance including access to basic health care services to Venezuelans on the move, with a focus on women and their children.

More than 50,000 Venezuelan migrants assisted to date

Partners Disaster Resilience

Disaster Response and Resilience

PADF rapidly mobilizes local staff and in-country networks of trusted partners to deliver emergency relief supplies needed to save lives, reduce devastating health impacts, and meet basic needs of the most vulnerable people in communities affected by disasters. PADF also works directly with people on resilience and risk reduction to mitigate and prevent the devastating impact of these disasters. Through infrastructure and early warning system improvements, climate-smart farming techniques, and facilitation of community-based disaster response, we help communities minimize the human and economic impacts of emergency situations.

In the past 10 years PADF has assisted over 850,000 people across our hemisphere to prepare for disasters and rebuild their lives after disasters have struck.

Partners STEM

STEM Education

PADF promotes STEM education for students and teachers in Latin American and the Caribbean. Through hands-on learning, stimulating lesson plans that ignite curiosity, and opportunities for students to compete in regional and global competitions, students and teachers are developing skills needed for success in the digital economy. PADF actively helps to close the skills shortage gap that hinders inclusion and economic development particularly for youth and women.


199 Schools

1,660 Teachers

64,003 Students

Thank you to our corporate partners

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Sowmya Krishnamoorthy

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