Integrated Responses to Rural Security

Integrated Responses to Rural Security

The strategic objective of RISER is to enable the Colombian National Police’s Directorate of Carabineros and Rural Security (DICAR) to establish and maintain an effective presence and reduce crime and violence in priority areas of narcotics concern. The program is doing so by developing inter-agency collaboration, increasing the levels of trust between the community and the police, and strengthening DICAR’s ability to implement evidence-based crime and violence prevention activities, in partnership with local stakeholders.

During the first year of implementation, PADF provided training to several hundred police officers through classroom learning, group activities, and hands-on evidence-based crime prevention programs. Each of the training participants later became leaders and mobilizers of a series of evidence-based crime prevention interventions that were rolled out in the community with technical and financial support from PADF.

Through constant consultation and involvement, the program was also able to form strong bonds with people from the community and the DICAR; thus, the community was a key player in the successful development of the project. Similarly, PADF brought together law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, and national and local service agencies to facilitate effective crime prevention and citizen security strategies in rural areas. By strengthening collaboration and local ownership, the program also increased social cohesion, legitimacy and trust among relevant stakeholders. Finally, RISER provided technological equipment and support to the Centro Integrado de Informacion Analisis y Control Operacional Rural (CICOR) to improve data gathering and analysis.

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