Peace, Justice, and Security conversation Series

At the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), we believe that peace, justice, and security are vital to social development and human progress. Our team is committed to the promotion of peaceful societies, access to justice for all, strengthening law enforcement, and improving security conditions throughout the hemisphere. We oppose corruption, abuse of power, and illicit economies.

In this series of conversations with PADF colleagues, we discuss various aspects of our peace, justice, and security programming funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

Talking Jamaican Justice

PADF Senior Justice Advisor Francis Burak shares his journey to the legal profession and discusses the landscape of the Jamaican judicial system and PADF’s programmatic successes and challenges with Program Manager Faisal Hassan.

Talking Belizean Prosecution

PADF Belize Prosecution Advisor Oladele Osinuga sits down with Program Manager Faisal Hassan and Program Coordinator Saran Keira to discuss Belize’s prosecution service, his journey in the legal profession ranging from Nigeria to the UK and to Kosovo, and how Belize compares to those experiences.

Talking Forensics

PADF Forensic Advisor Sergio Perez sits down with Program Manager Faisal Hassan and Program Coordinator Sara Carmona to discuss his work on forensics and crime scene investigations. With a career beginning at the Miami-Dade Police Department and progressing to various advisory posts in Central America, he compares his international experiences with his work in Belize.

Talking Rural Security in Colombia

PADF Senior Prevention Specialist Natalia Gutierrez Trujillo speaks with Program Manager Beatriz Quintero about our rural security program in Colombia aimed at enabling the Colombian National Police’s Directorate of Carabineros and Rural Security to establish and maintain an effective presence and reduce crime and violence in priority areas of narcotics concern. 

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