Podcast: Improving Migrant Children's Access to Education in Trinidad and Tobago

Two migrant children in Trinidad and Tobago carry books from a PADF distribution.

Though monetary or logistical barriers often prevent migrant children from fully accessing education in Latin America and the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is unique in that the island nation affirmatively excludes migrant children from receiving an education. This can lead to profound protection risks, including social isolation, vulnerability to child labor and child exploitation networks, and more.

In this podcast episode, Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) Program Coordinator Deanna Johnson speaks with Kamilah Morain, Deputy Director for PADF’s Trinidad and Tobago office, about what PADF is doing, along with local, regional, and international partners, to address acute educational and protection needs and foster greater opportunities for migrant children, as well as their families.


Kamilah Morain

Kamilah Morain

Deputy Director, Trinidad and Tobago

Email: connect@padf.org

Deanna Johnson

Deanna Johnson

Program Coordinator

Email: connect@padf.org


Check out A Story of Hope, the bilingual children’s book developed in Trinidad and Tobago to encourage cross-cultural engagement.

Learn more about PADF’s migration work.

Published on March 9, 2022.

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