Our Work in Uruguay 

PADF is one of just a few international foundations providing assistance to civil society groups in Uruguay. For many years, community groups in Uruguay have received donated hospital and medical equipment from PADF such as the Círculo Católico de Obreros del Uruguay, the Asociación Española Primera de Socorros Mutuos and other nonprofits. With the support of corporate partners including Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and Philip Morris International, we’ve helped local NGOs support victims of domestic abuse, educate kids who drop out of school and expand conservation activities and school gardens. 

In-kind Donations

Since 2008, PADF has delivered more than USD $ 9.5 million worth of in-kind donations to Circle Catolico de Obreros del Uruguay; the Association de Socoros Mutuos; and the America-Uruguayan Foundation. Donations include: 

  • Hospital beds and furniture 
  • Medical equipment (wheelchairs, stretchers) 
  • Operating tables & surgical lights 
  • Baby warmers and baby incubators 
  • Endoscopes and light sources 
  • Computers and monitors

Educating Vulnerable and At-Risk Youth 

With more than $20,000 from Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCL), PADF supported El Centro de Promoción por la Dignidad Humana (CEPRODIH) in two projects. 

The Convivamos en Paz (We Coexist Peacefully-CON Paz) Center works with young pregnant victims of domestic abuse to provide a safe space for them to learn how to raise their children and remove themselves from abusive situations. More than 60 women annually benefit from CON Paz’s services, as do their babies. Many of the women go on to further assist other women and become powerful advocates within the local government for changes in policy towards domestic abusers. 

The second project enrolled 50 teenage boys and girls from rural Uruguayan communities in weekly leadership, academic and vocational workshops. The participants had dropped out of school, and some were already parents. CEPRODIH offered them technical training courses that focused on teaching skills pertaining to technology, communications, and social media. 

Building Strong Communities 

With $68,000 in funding from Philip Morris International, PADF worked with Fundación Logros to implement the “Programa Huerta Orgánica en las Escuelas” (Organic Farming in Schools Program) in Montevideo, Uruguay. Implemented from 2006 to 2008, the program developed a sustainable social fabric within the community by promoting an integrated agricultural-educational system in schools, emphasizing an entrepreneurial culture among adults and children alike, and reaffirming the importance of values such as cooperation, honor, and teamwork. The main objective is to use produce farms as educational opportunities where the students discover how to increase the quality of their life by learning about not only about agriculture, but also entrepreneurship, nutrition, and the importance of sustaining the environment. Fundación Logros worked with more than 280 schools, serving over 35,000 students