Indigenous Bolivia

Who We Support and Empower

Women and Girls

We believe that structural and cultural changes are needed to ensure the exercise of women’s and girls’ rights and facilitate their inclusion and equal participation. We support the work of feminist and women’s organizations to advocate for their rights and achieve sustainable change.

Migrants and Displaced Persons

We believe that human mobility is a human right. We implement local responses to our region’s growing migration, prioritizing the safety, health, and livelihoods of those seeking better lives and of the communities that host them. We also work to address the root causes of migration by creating access to opportunities and reducing violence and insecurity.


We believe that youth engagement and positive development is key to creating effective social, economic, and political change. We build skills and provide opportunities for at-risk youth to become active participants in their communities.

Indigenous Groups

We believe in supporting indigenous groups and their organizations to bring an end to all forms of discrimination and oppression throughout our hemisphere. We work to ensure their right to self-determination, including preservation of their lands, which are often rich in natural resources and biodiversity, and traditions.


We believe that fighting racism and discrimination is critical to protecting human rights. We work to ensure the voices and perspectives of Afro-descendants are included in the decision making at the local, national, and regional levels.


We believe that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves equal access to opportunities. We support the equal rights and promote the safety of LGBTQ+ communities in our hemisphere.

Who We Partner With

We partner with and strengthen public and private sectors and civil society to achieve meaningful and sustainable progress for the most vulnerable people in Latin America and the Caribbean. We enable local organizations and government institutions to build and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions, through funding, capacity building, and meaningful cooperation across the region. We facilitate connections and relationships between different sectors, earning the respect and trust of our partners and the communities we serve. An important part of our legacy and footprint is the ability to create local capacity to continue to serve and support people, communities, and countries beyond the lifecycle of our programs and our direct involvement.

Public Sector

We believe that governments can only meet the needs of the people they serve if they act with transparency and accountability. We partner with national and local governments to implement sustainable solutions, while also strengthening their own capacity through training and a collaborative approach to gain the trust of the communities they serve. Where appropriate, we advocate for issues that promote human development and security.

Private Sector

We believe that the private sector plays a vital role in development. We support businesses in creating jobs and promoting dignified livelihoods in our region. We pride ourselves on creating lasting connections between the private sector and local communities. Our partnerships with the private sector and other development allies help us leverage investments and resources more effectively to reach development goals.

Civil Sector

Civil Society

We believe that civil society is instrumental to holding government accountable and leading movements of change. We partner with, empower, and strengthen local and burgeoning organizations working for the people’s interests. We connect the public and private sectors with these groups to promote open communication, cross-collaboration, and local sustainable investment.

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