angie doval

Coordinator of Integrated Response for Rural Security (RISER) in Bajo Cauca

Angie Doval is a 27-year-old Colombian woman, a student of sociology, empowered and passionate about her work. She is a native of Caucasia, located in the Department of Antioquia in an area called Bajo Cauca. This area is heavily affected by crime, poverty, and the Colombian armed conflict. Despite that, it is well known for the resilience of its inhabitants and the continuous work of empowered youth, full of hope and dedication to social change.


Angie loves the region where she lives – from its people, climate, and history, to its customs. She currently serves as coordinator of the RISER in the Caucasia municipality. In this role, Angie leads crime and violence prevention initiatives, focused on supporting the most vulnerable groups and victims of Colombia’s armed conflict. By empowering youth, Angie is sure that Bajo Cauca can become a prosperous, just, and safe territory. She dreams of a land where people can live in peace and without fear, and where the voices and ideas of all are heard, no matter their origins. By creating a safe community, relations between the police and the community can improve and Bajo Cauca can become an area of great human, social, and economic development.

To learn more about the project Angie works on, visit our Peace, Justice, and Security page.

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