PADF Starts Activities in Porto Alegre

In May, the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), through the Integrando Horizontes program in Brazil, implemented strategic activities in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. The activities included a workshop presentation and delivery of the Child and Adolescent Charter, the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Red Cross of Rio Grande do Sul, and a health fair for migrants.

The release and presentation of the Child and Adolescent Charter in Spanish to 45 state counselors, represents a significant framework for inclusion, strengthening protection mechanisms, guaranteeing the rights of children and youth, and supporting the foundation of a more just and equal society.

“This inclusion work with the most vulnerable communities is of great importance for social development. We must guarantee the rights of any migrant person in the Brazilian territory. Knowledge of the Child and Adolescent Charter will strengthen social equality and ensure a more just and humanized society,” said Integrando Horizontes Technical Director Soraya Pessino.

Health Support

The goal of the agreement with the Red Cross is to improve access to water, basic sanitation, and hygiene for the indigenous migrant population in Porto Alegre. During the health fair for migrants, more than 120 people received support from various organizations.

“The health fair was a great opportunity for me and my family to receive free flu shots, in addition to receiving general information on how to take care of our health,” said José González.

With these activities, PADF officially starts direct implementation of the Integrando Horizontes program in Rio Grande do Sul, working in support of the migrant community.

Published on May 23, 2023.

Soraya Pessino

Soraya Pessino

Technical Director


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