PADF in Colombia

PADF has had a longstanding commitment to working with the people and government of Colombia as a trusted partner in assisting the country’s most vulnerable population in support of national reconciliation, territorial consolidation and economic and social development. 

This commitment dates from the 1960s but was strengthened in 2001 when PADF established its office in Bogota to support Plan Colombia. The programs implemented are listed in the attachment and focus on strengthening communities, civil society and the capacity of governmental institutions to aid disadvantaged and excluded groups while facilitating territorial development. 

During the past 15 years, the Foundation has carried out significant activities in support of national efforts to promote peace and social justice and to address the impact of 50 years of civil conflict. These actions have assisted internally displaced families, former coca growers, victims of violence, Afro-descendants, indigenous people, abused women and children, youth-at-risk, and victims of natural disasters and humanitarian crises. 

To date, working in partnership with the Colombian government, municipalities and communities, PADF’s programs have benefited more than two million people including victims of conflict, natural disasters and humanitarian crises. These programs were implemented with more than $400 million in funding from public and private entities, international agencies, bilateral donors, corporate partners and other sources.

Colombia Projects


Colombia Press Releases

Colombia Press Releases


Caribbean Strategy Program
This initiative seeks to engage different entities from the government, civil society and international organizations interested in promoting the social and economic development of the region.

Closing Gaps Program
This program, called Cerrando Brechas or Closing Gaps, seeks to improve the quality of life for 600 residents living in extreme poverty in the municipality of Barrancabermeja, Department of Santander.

Ethnic Differentiated Focus (IRACA)
IRACA offers technical and financial assistance to 10,000  Afro-colombian and Indigenous families to strengthen community participatory systems, recover food security through traditional agricultural practices, and to improve income.

Families in the Homeland Program
This project is assisting more than 11,400 displaced families who have been affected by the country’s decades old civil conflict, who are voluntarily returning to their homelands, or who have been relocated to rural areas.

Government of the Netherlands Program
The objective is to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the Macarena region by working in strengthening local institutions in the areas of government, social development and support to property rights.

Human Rights Protection Project
PADF is working to strengthen the capacity of its Human Rights Directorate through programs that provide training, technical assistance, and logistical support geared toward the prevention of rights violations, and the promotion and protection of human rights and international humanitarian rights.

Institutional Strengthening for the Victims Unit
This program seeks to provide institutional strengthening to UARIV through activities that promote the participation of communities affected by Colombia’s armed conflict in the process of providing care, reparations, and other priorities as outlined by the Law. 

Integral Program Children and Adolescents with Opportunities
This initiative is geared toward at-risk children and youth aged 8 through 16 years, their families, local communities, and institutions that value the protection of children in Colombia.

Justice Assistance Mobile Unit
This nine-month long initiative will create transitional justice mechanisms and strengthen existing coordination among government institutions in order to better provide guidance, assistance, and support to victims of Colombia’s ongoing armed conflict.

Merck for Mothers Global Giving Program
PADF is bringing together stakeholders to collaboratively develop an electronic policy handbook that can serve as a foundation to inform national and regional strategies and policies to reduce maternal mortality.

Our Time is Now Program
Our Time is Now is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Justice and Rights that seeks to prevent all forms of violence against children and adolescents by working with a national network of “justice houses”.

Productive and Business Strengthening for Indigenous Communities
This Program seeks to strengthen the productive and business aspects of indigenous communities located in 23 municipalities throughout the country by assisting them in promoting commercial activities and opening up new markets.

Providing Safe Spaces for Youth to Grow
Using this funding Fundación Ambos has been able to provide numerous afterschool safe space activities for at-risk children and adolescents.

Rapid Response Program
This strategy aims to reintroduce or increase governmental oversight in local governments as a way to better integrate areas that have been affected by Colombia’s decades old civil conflict.

Support to Women and Youth Affected by Armed Conflict
This initiative will create transitional justice mechanisms and strengthen existing coordination among government institutions in order to better provide assistance and psychosocial support and guidance to women and youth who have been victims of armed conflict.

Technical Assistance Program
This program assists people who have been displaced by Colombia’s decades old civil conflict ensuring adequate implementation of different government-led initiatives.