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PADF supports two critical populations in Guyana: Vulnerable Venezuelan migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers and at-risk youth.

We provide protection, assistance, and sustainable solutions to vulnerable Venezuelan migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Activities are designed to increase migrants’ access to legal status; promote local integration through language lessons, cross-cultural activities, and communications campaigns; and improve the lives of vulnerable populations through psychosocial support and access to education. A cross-cutting theme of our work is the prevention and response to gender-based violence, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking.

We also work with vulnerable youth ages 10-29 as part of a larger goal of creating a safer, more prosperous Caribbean. The program strengthens youth, family, and community support systems; improves the skills of youth to resist involvement in violence; expands access to education and employment opportunities; and provides specialized services to youth at the highest risk of engaging in violence. PADF emphasizes meaningful civic engagement and positive youth development through key initiatives. One of these initiatives is training community leaders on the formation of community enhancement committees to tackle problems related to safety and community cohesion. Another key initiative trains youth in a multi-modal approach to exhibit the skills, awareness, and self-belief employers look for in preferred job candidates.

A Story of Hope
A children’s illustration book that tells the story of Venezuelan migration through the experience of Gabriela and her mother.
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Roberto Obando

Roberto Obando

Thematic Director – Peace, Justice, and Security

Email: connect@padf.org

Carolina Brea

Carolina Brea

Migration Director

Email: connect@padf.org


English as a Second Language Workbook

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