PADF’s work in Honduras spans its four thematic areas: human rights, disaster resilience, economic opportunities, and peace, justice and security. In collaboration with local partners, PADF works to promote the human rights and labor rights of vulnerable populations, including persons with disabilities, indigenous groups, women, LGBTI individuals, children, youth, internally displaced persons, migrants and human rights defenders. PADF and its partners work to promote public policies that guarantee the rights of these vulnerable populations, build the capacity of civil society leaders in political advocacy, and raise awareness about key human rights issues. In addition, PADF has worked with labor unions and local organizations to promote labor rights and access to labor justice, with an emphasis on unions in the agricultural and textile sectors.

PADF increases government capacity to respond to cases of human rights violations and to improve attention to youth in conflict with the law. PADF has trained government officials and developed a manual for them based on new and innovative approaches to youth rehabilitation and reducing recidivism amongst youth returning to their communities.

In Honduras, PADF leverages its decades of experience promoting disaster resilience to strengthen early warning systems, train local disaster response committees, and support the community in identifying and addressing needs for disaster-resilient infrastructure. The resilience perspective carries through to programming to promote entrepreneurship and economic opportunities in Honduras with a focus on food security and nutrition. PADF’s interdisciplinary approach is tailored to address the needs in urban and rural centers in Honduras in a way that promotes inclusive participation and growth.

“Hoy quiero enseñar a otras personas sobre lo que se puede vivir en la ruta migratoria”
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Josué Murillo

Country Director – Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador

Email: connect@padf.org

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