PADF Hosts Event in Brazil Celebrating 60 Years

The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) has been serving the most vulnerable communities in Latin America and the Caribbean for 60 years. Last Thursday, September 22, PADF celebrated its 60th anniversary with a reception in the restaurant Carpe Diem, in the Cultural Center Bank of Brazil, in Brasilia, Brazil.

In her opening remarks, PADF Regional Project Director Soraya Pessino, responsible for the “Integrando Horizontes” program, highlighted the importance of the organization’s work with partners:

Today, we work across the region on critical issues that must be addressed, supporting the vulnerable and refugees. It is very emotional, we take small steps, but, thanks to all of you, we are building a new horizon.”

Among the guests were Deputy Public Defender Fabrício Rodrigues, Social Responsibility Minister Ronaldo Vieira Bento, representatives of the Labor Ministry and the Presidency, Executive Director of the Bank of Brazil Foundation Rogério Bressan Biruel, representatives of embassies, and guests of honor.

“On behalf of the executive team, I thank you for your support and partnership and invite you to work with us over the next 60 years to achieve sustainable development in the Americas,” said PADF CIO Guillermo Florez.

PADF values its partnerships with other organizations and understands how important they are for the development of the region. Túlio Conde, founder and president of the organization Hermanitos, was in attendance and shared a few words. “We have partnered with PADF since the inception of the project and are grateful for learning and applying methodologies through this partnership, and, of course, for impacting many people. We have already reached 20,000 refugees and migrants, thanks to this partnership with PADF,” he said.

Father Agnaldo Junior of the Jesuit Refugee Service also shared a few words. “I fully believe in teamwork, and in these two years we have been implementing the ‘Integrando Horizontes’ program in Porto Alegre, Manaus, and Boa Vista. I congratulate the entire operation for this collaborative work and the humanitarian assistance here in Brazil. Together, we are stronger,” he said.

“These are 60 years of work from PADF across the hemisphere,” mentioned Technical Director Irina Bacci as she presented PADF’s trajectory in Brazil.

Today we have more than 40 employees in various regions in Brazil, and this is of great pride to all of us.”

Published on October 3, 2022.

Irina Bacci

Irina Bacci

Technical Director – Brazil


Soraya Pessino

Soraya Pessino

Regional Project Director – Brazil


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