We believe in giving our children the skills they need for the 21st century. We spark the interest of students in science and technology and promote hands-on learning through our innovative STEM Americas initiative. To help us build the next generation of innovative leaders, we train teachers and develop stimulating lesson plans that ignite curiosity and engage students in creative ways.

In response to the increasing importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to the economies of Latin America, in early 2016 PADF launched the STEM Americas program. This long-term initiative supports STEM education across the hemisphere through partnerships with multinational businesses, corporate foundations, and other philanthropic organizations. PADF plays a lead role in identifying possible investment opportunities for corporate social responsibility partners. The STEM Americas program is currently active in the following countries, and PADF remains open to identifying areas for possible expansion and new funding in these and other countries in the region.

Learn more about the STEM Americas program in these countries:

Teaching STEAM and Human Rights in El Salvador
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STEM for Oceans
"STEM for Oceans" inspira a las y los estudiantes a desarrollar interés en convertirse en las y los futuros ingenieros y científicos.
Conoce Más
First Lady of Panama named PADF Goodwill Ambassador for STEM education.
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Inspiring the Next Generation of Girls in Science
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STEM Americas One-Pager (English)

STEM Americas One-Pager (Spanish)

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PADF COVID-19 Response STEM Education

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