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Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Project
This project was an innovative crisis and risk prevention project that combined cutting edge yet cost-effective technology with community-based solutions to reduce the impact of natural disasters on communities living in Haiti.

Leveraging Effective Application of Direct Investment
Provide technical assistance through local business service providers to support business plan development and enterprise management, so that target enterprises can attract capital, grow, create jobs, and generate income.

Actively works to build the capacity of community organizations, encouraging them to define their own local priorities and assisting them in implementing critical interventions in the areas of health, education, micro-enterprise, and infrastructure.

PRODEPUR-HABITAT works to rebuild homes, clear rubble, improve community infrastructure, and create more access to basic social services as part of a plan to revitalize one of the most densely populated areas in the Port-au-Prince metro region.

Promoting Human Rights and Reducing Poverty for Women and Youth
This project supports the Haitian government in its efforts to promote human rights and poverty reduction for low-income women and youth in vulnerable situations through improved employability and integration of young people by offering them increased vocational training.

Tropical Storm Isaac Relief
PADF distributed bottled water and supported the local Emergency Operations Center in providing beds and medical and hygiene supplies.

PADF in Haiti

PADF has successfully implemented hundreds of projects through partnerships with the Haitian government and community-based organizations. 

Projects have focused in the following areas: 

  • Agriculture and rural development 
  • Agroforestry and soil conservation 
  • Cross-border cooperation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic 
  • Employment generation 

For 35 years, PADF has worked as a trusted partner of the government and people of Haiti. After the January 2010 earthquake, frequent tropical storms, and the cholera outbreak, PADF has provided emergency humanitarian relief, repaired damaged homes, and reconstructed urban areas. We have advanced community-driven development and grassroots democracy, supported disaster preparedness and mitigation, and developed small and medium-size enterprises to generate sustainable employment. 

In the past decade, PADF partnered with Haitian institutions to reconstruct areas devastated by hurricanes, especially in the Southeast. We also worked to rebuild rural infrastructure, improving agricultural technology and income generation. As an OAS affiliate we have facilitated cross-border cooperation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Foundation managed the country’s first large-scale community reforestation efforts, pioneered soil conservation and agroforestry projects, and supported microenterprises and a National Jobs program, while closely partnering with local civil society, community groups, municipalities and national public institutions. 


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