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PADF has successfully implemented hundreds of projects through partnerships with the Haitian government and community-based organizations. Projects have focused on the following areas: 

  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Agroforestry and soil conservation
  • Cross-border cooperation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic
  • Employment generation
  • Human rights abuse prevention
  • Micro-enterprise development through the creation of the Haitian Development Foundation
  • Post-hurricane reconstruction
  • Water rehabilitation

For 35 years, PADF has worked as a trusted partner of the government and people of Haiti. Since the January 2010 earthquake, frequent tropical storms, and the cholera outbreak, PADF has provided emergency humanitarian relief, repaired damaged homes, and reconstructed urban areas. We have advanced community-driven development and grassroots democracy, supported disaster preparedness and mitigation, and developed small and medium-size enterprises to generate sustainable employment. 

The SANIFIN and Innovation for Good by Kohler Partnership for Resilient and Sustainable Sanitation in Haiti
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Project Launch
Renforcer Les Systemes Circulaires Pour Un Avenir Durable En Haïti
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Official Launch of SANIFIN
Advancing Towards Climate-Resilient Sanitation in Haiti
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Earthquake Response and Recovery Efforts
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Supporting Haitian Youth
Community-Based Projects
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Eben-Ezer Restaurant
Community-Driven Development
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A Sense of Dignity
Community-Driven Development
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Reforestation Grant Fund
Small Grants Facility
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Green Schools for a Green Haiti
Reforestation Grant Fund/Small Grants Facility
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Cédrelle Alexis Jean Louis

Country Director – Haiti

Email: connect@padf.org


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Leveraging Effective Application of Direct Investments (LEAD) Final Report

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