women and gender

We believe that structural and cultural changes are needed to ensure women’s and girls’ human rights. We support the work and partner with feminist and women’s organizations who have been at the forefront of the struggle for gender equality and women’s rights.

We work in Latin America and the Caribbean to facilitate meaningful exchanges among organizations and governments to expand women’s opportunities and access to services. We also equip young men and women with the tools needed to challenge sexist and gender norms to lead a cultural transformation.

Uniendo esfuerzos de Norte a Sur para luchar contra la violencia de género en América Latina y el Caribe
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Participatory Meeting of Women's Organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean
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Rural and Indigenous Women Fighting for Dignity and Rights in Paraguay
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Reimagining Funding Streams for Gender-Based Violence in Latin America
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Ecofeminist Resistance From Latin America
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Podcast: Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos de las Mujeres en México
Escucha Ahora
Gender-Based Violence Prevention Training for Marginalized Groups
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Juntas de Norte a Sur
Mapping Gender-Based Violence
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A Regional Approach
Mitigating Gender-Based Violence
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Do we have something to celebrate on International Women's Day?
Opinion by Laura Aragón
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Podcast: Women and Gender
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Laura Aragon

Laura Aragón

Director – Women and Gender

Email: connect@padf.org


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Proyecto “Empoderamiento y oportunidades laborales dignas e innovadoras para jóvenes salvadoreñas en áreas STEM” | MujerProspera Challenge One-Pager

Curso de VdG – Nuevos retos en el acompañamiento a mujeres y sobrevivientes de violencia por razón de género en América Latina

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