We believe in caring for both people and the planet. Communities can safeguard their ecosystems for current and future generations while promoting sustainable economic growth. We support sustainable agriculture and farming practices, community recycling projects, conservation of marine protected areas, and institutional reforms that improve environmental protection, among other critical efforts to create a cleaner, healthier planet.

Our Approach

In many parts of Latin America and the Caribbean environmental conservation remains a challenge in rural areas and urban settings alike. PADF works with local communities, farmers, land-owners, government officials, youth, children, and teachers to promote conservation, increase interest in the environment, raise awareness, and educate them about the important natural treasures found in their communities and the importance of preserving them.

Over the years PADF has also worked with communities to plant tens of millions of trees, providing seedlings and technical support to local farmers, while teaching residents about energy alternatives as a way to reduce the impact of deforestation on local economies.


Alfonso Garcia Calderon

Director of Territorial Development and Governance

Environment and Disaster Resilience Thematic Leader

Email: connect@padf.org


Joaquín Vallejo

Senior Program Manager

Environment Practice Area Leader

Email: connect@padf.org

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