PADF’s work in Guatemala includes work to support public sector institutions as well as community and civil society initiatives to provide services and protect the population. With the public sector, PADF assists in providing specialized training and technical assistance to improve public sector capacity. This is combined with support to civil society to promote citizen participation, including among youth, indigenous groups, and other vulnerable populations.

PADF prioritizes interventions focused on the issue of human mobility. PADF has worked to protect victims of trafficking in persons and to raise awareness about issues such as trafficking in persons, internal displacement, and return migration. In collaboration with local partners, PADF has strengthened government and civil society capacity to respond to issues of human mobility through the production of diagnostics, reports, and proposed public policies.

At a community level, PADF has taken an active role in responding to natural disasters and promoting disaster resilience in Guatemala. From its work responding to the eruption of the El Fuego volcano to initiatives to promote sustainable agricultural practices, PADF’s approach prioritizes a participatory process, ensuring that the voices of vulnerable communities are heard. This has included bringing together stakeholders from informal hillside settlements that are vulnerable to floods and landslides, along with universities, public disaster response agencies and the private sector to discuss disaster risk mitigation and increase community resilience.

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Fortaleciendo la prevención y protección de la trata de personas en Guatemala

Strengthening TIP Prevention and Protection in Guatemala

Guía de capacitación para facilitadoras comunitarias para la prevención de la trata de personas

Guía para la atención integral a personas LGBTIQ+ mayores de edad, víctimas de trata de personas en Guatemala

Josué Murillo

Country Director – Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador


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